Cool Sumo Kesho-Mawashi Designs!

Mongolian-born grand sumo champion Yokozuna Hakuho performs New Year's ring-entering rite at annual celebration for New Year at Meiji Shrine in Tokyo

Hello everyone!

Most of you are probably familiar with the person pictured above. It is none other than Yokozuna Hakuho, one of the greatest Sumo champions in Japanese history. When people think of Sumo, they usually picture large Sumo wrestlers that are ready for battle, like Hakuho—his scowl can make other wrestlers crumble.

But what some of you may not know is the name of that belt that Sumo wrestlers wear during the ring-entering ceremony at the start of the matches. This is called the Kesho-mawashi. Sumo wrestlers in the two upper divisions wear this large embroidered silk apron, which can depict many different things—such as the wrestlers country, or their country, or a design given to them by their supporters. And today, I’d like to highlight some of the cooler Kesho-mawashi, so I hope you enjoy!

Ozeki Takayasu


Ozeki Takayasu has definitely worn some very interesting designs on his Kesho-Mawashi, including this “Charlie Chaplin” design. The story behind this design is that it is an advertisement for a company that sponsors Takayasu. The owner of the company really liked Chaplin, and saw him as a gentle person, with courage and imagination. That makes sense.

takayasu 2

But if you aren’t a fan of Chaplin, don’t worry, Takayasu also has some other Kesho-mawashi. Like this cool grey dragon flying with a golden orb in his mouth. That looks a lot meaner than Chaplin.

Maegashira Sadanoumi

Sadanoumi Kumamon

Sadanoumi has worn Kumamon into the Sumo ring. Sadanoumi is from Kumamoto, Japan, and Kumamon the Bear is the mascot for Kumamoto.



Former wrestler Baruto wore this interesting design, which is basically an image of himself wearing a Kesho-mawashi with another image of himself. I like how the image the designed is smiling, haha.

Maegashira Chiyotairyu

Chiyotairyu Kinnikuman 2

Chiyotairyu has this powerful Kinnikuman design. For those that aren’t familiar with him, Kinnikuman is a manga series about a superhero that must win a wrestling tournament. My guess is that Chiyotairyu draws power from this wrestling superhero.

Maegashira Daishomaru


Daishomaru probably derives some luck from this Daruma doll design. Daruma are a symbol of perseverance and good luck.

Maegashira Chiyonokuni


I like to think that Chiyonokuni believes in the power of magic, I mean he does have a Pegasus on the front of his Kesho-mawashi.

Maegashira Daieisho


Where Chiyonokuni might like to believe in fairy-tale magic, I think Daieisho likes to go a bit scarier with his design.

Maegashira Ikioi


Ikioi is well-known for having some fun designs on his Kesho-mawashi, as many of them have this fun comic design on them.

Sekiwake Mitakeumi


Another wrestler with comic designs on his Kesho-mawash is Mitakeumi, who has this grinning design on his.

Yokozuna Kisenosato


But no Kesho-mawashi design is cuter than Kisenosato’s Hello Kitty Design, I mean c’mon it’s Hello Kitty. And she is wearing a tiger hat! I think Kisenosato was trying to kill his opponents with a cuteness overload.

 And here are few more designs:

If you know of any other fun designs, then please send pics our way.

See you next time!



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