Japanese Company Wants You To Relax Like “Han Solo” At Home!

Han Solo

Japan always seems to thing of some funny, and sometimes weird, ideas. So it’s no surprise that with all of the new Star Wars movies, they wanted to bring us some great Japanese products. Enter the Han Solo comfort wear!

Japanese Company “Belle Maison” is selling a Han Solo fleece vest, which is the perfect outfit to wear after a long day of piloting your Millennium Falcon. And of course you can also buy some matching sweatpants!

 And when you are finally ready to get some rest, nothing is more relaxing than getting inside your very own carbonite blanket. Hey, it looked like Han was having fun when he was stuck in carbonite, right?

The fleece vest will set you back 3,990 yen ($36.27 US Dollars), the pants cost the same, and the carbonite blanket is 5,990 yen ($54.44 US Dollars). You can buy them here: Han Solo Wear

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to get some rest in my carbonite blanket.



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