Pikachu Mini-Robot Coming Soon!

Pikachu robot

Beginning August 4, 2018, you can buy your very own pocket-sized Pikachu robot, because everyone needs a Pokemon friend, right?

The robot, called “HelloPika”,  will shiver and shine when you speak to it. And if you say his name, Pikachu will turn his head and shout “Pika Pika”! But that’s not all, because it will also  sing, nod, and laugh. It will quickly become your best friend–at least your best robot friend.

Pikachu 2

And Pikachu’s arms were made to hang-on to your clothes or bag, so you can walk around the city together.

HelloPika will retail for 2,990 yen ($27.22 US Dollars), so start saving some of your extra yen.


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