Japanese Ninja Sightings Are Increasing Ahead of Tokyo 2020!


Hello again everyone!

Sorry for the short wait, but I’ve been traveling around Japan to get more news, pictures, and videos to share with everyone! But now I’m back and ready to keep you up -to-date with all the latest Japanese news!

First, don’t let the title of this article scare you, as all Ninja sightings have been completely safe and full of fun! So you don’t have to worry about being drawn into a sword fight, or worry about any ninjitsu moves.

The increase in ninja sightings have occurred at the Hokkaido Noboribetsu Date Jidaimura theme park, which stages ninja performances. You can checkout all the great action you can see here:

The theme park has seen a huge increase in the number of visitors since 2005–when they had about 75,000 visitors, as last year they had a whopping 325,000 visitors! This large increase correlates with an increase in visitors to Japan, with about 28.69 million in 2017.

The number of visitors to Japan is projected to increase more this year, and each coming year in advance of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. So don’t forget to join the fun the next time you are in Japan!

You can learn more about the Hokkaido Noboribetsu Date Jidaimaru theme park, which is located in Hokkaido, here: Ninja Theme Park Tickets cost 2900 yen ($27 US Dollars) for adults and 1500 yen ($14 US Dollars) for children.

See you soon!



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