Hello Kitty Bullet Train Coming This Summer To Japan!

hello kitty train

If you haven’t heard yet, Japan is taking cuteness to another level by bringing a Hello Kitty-themed Shinkansen (bullet train) to Japan this summer!

That’s right, JR West will be launching the Hello Kitty train on the Sanyo Shinkansen Line this summer, and the train will feature a cool Hello Kitty design outside–inspired by Hello Kitty’s trademark red ribbon. And of course, there will be plenty more Hello Kitty on the inside too!

Everyone is excited about this new train, including Hello Kitty! Check her out here:

This cool train will simply add to all of the cool trains that Japan has had in the past, including this Neon Genesis Evangelion-themed train we told you about before: 500 Type EVA Shinkasen!

And this Panda Train we told you about: Panda Train In Japan!


And this Fish Train in Wakayama: Fish Train in Wakayama!


SO, if you like cute and cool trains, then you should probably head to Japan now!

See you next time guys!



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