Three Members of Keyakizaka46 collapse on Kouhaku Stage!

For those that aren’t familiar with it, Japan has an annual NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen or “Year-end Song Festival” on New Year’s Eve. This year, during the 68th Kouhaku three members of the all female idol group Keyakizaka46 collapsed while performing on stage.

Kaze 46 collapse

The group was performing with Uchimura Teruyoshi when Hirata Yurina (16) was visibly shaking during the dance routine. At the end of the song, member Suzumuto Miyu (20) collapsed, followed by both Yurina and member SHida Manaka.

It is believed that all three were suffering from some form of hyperventilation, but it is still unclear exactly what happened. Fans of the group are still worried and want to know more. Still, after the show, the group sent out a picture which showed that everyone was doing fine.


 I hope they will all be ok!



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