Studio Ghibli’s “The Red Turtle” Wins Annie Award!

Studio Ghibli has done it again. Their animated film “The Red Turtle” has won Best Indie Feature at the 44th Annie Awards.


Studio Ghibli already has an amazing history of creating some of the most iconic animated films of all time. And if you are a fan of anime, then you have probably seen at least one of their films–but I hope it is more than that.

If you have not heard about the film “The Red Turtle,” then you should see the trailer here:

One thought on “Studio Ghibli’s “The Red Turtle” Wins Annie Award!

  1. It’s about as beautifully simple and lithe as an epic visual feast can get, with Ghibli-esque themes about our spiritual connection to nature kept high in the mix, and an overarching bittersweetness that keeps the fantasy grounded in human emotion.


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