You Could Get Free Trip To Japan With Kimi No Nawa!


For all of those people that have always wanted to go to Japan but never had the money, the Anime Tourism Association will be giving away 30 all-expense paid trips to Tokyo and Gifu Prefecture! That’s right, for FREE!

This are part of the “Cool Japan Collaborative Demonstration Project,”  which is meant to take foreigners to the cool real-world locations in the movie Kimi No Nawa. The Anime Tourism Association basically needs foreigners to provide feedback on the trip, so all you have to do is apply and hope that you are chosen.

The trip is a 5-6 day excursion, which will run between March 1st and April 30th. But now for the important bit–how do you apply?

Right here: Online Form

Applications will be accepted until February 28th, so don’t miss out!

Just a few more bits of information. As part of the trip, you must be willing to take surveys about the trip, travel on public buses and by foot, and share rooms. That’s still not a bad deal.

Make sure to sign-up, and I’ll see you next time!



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