Japanese Snack Box May 2016

photo (6)

Recently, one of my Japanese friends went on a snack shopping-spree, and made me a gift box full of yummy goodness. After I finished drooling all over the snacks, I thought it would be fun to show you all of the cool things inside. So what’s in the box?


photo 1

Umaibō (うまい棒) or “delicious stick” is a small, puffed, corn snack. Think of it as the biggest Cheetos Puff you have ever seen, but with tons of different Japanese flavors. It is made by Riska, and typically sells for 10 yen (10 cents).


One of the fun things about this snack is the colorful and funny packaging, which features Umaemon—the snack mascot. Umaemon is always involved in some crazy antics, so you have to check-out the package before you rip it open to devour the snack inside. If his name sounds familiar, it is because Umaemon is a play on the very popular Doraemon—and they sort of look the same too, haha.

Umaibo come in many flavors, which is part of the fun of eating them. This time, I received tako-flavored (octopus), corn potage (creamy corn soup), tonkatsu (pork cutlet), chicken (which is not pictured because I was too hungry to wait, haha); and natto (fermented soybeans). And yes, they were ALL delicious!

Dororich Japanese Cream


“Dororich Japanese” is the newest cream drink from Dororich, which has cream and matcha & adzuki bean jelly. Matcha is powdered green tea, and is an extremely popular flavor in Japanese snacks. Adzuki beans are used to make red bean paste, another immensely popular Japanese snack. The name “Dororich Japanese” fits perfectly, since this drink combines two of the most popular and common Japanese flavors found in snacks.

Recently, Dororich released a video of people’s reaction to this new drink, and I think I agree. It is pretty yummy!

Morinaga Sakura Milk

photo 3

This is the second drink in the box, Sakura-flavored milk made by Morinaga—a leading producer of dairy products in Japan. This milk is amazing! The cool part is obvious, it’s sakura-flavored! Sakura-flavored foods are very popular during the Sakura season, but they can also be found year-round in Japan. I recommend that you go try this, and enjoy a cool taste of Japan.


photo 4

Anpan (あんパン) is a Japanese sweet roll with different tasty fillings. I received two: one filled with red bean paste, and the other filled with kuri-an (chestnut).

Anpan is mega-popular in Japan, and even has its own superhero—Anpanman (アンパンマン). When Anpanman sees someone that is starving, he will let them eat a part of his head—sort of creepy, but hey it’s Japan!



Wagashi (和菓子 wa-gashi) are traditional Japanese confections that are often served with tea, and usually made from plant ingredients. The wagashi I received are Kuzu-manjuu and umeshu zeri–they are above on the right side of the anpan.

Kuzu-manjuu is a sweetened jelly made from the starch of the kuzu root, and is filled with red bean paste. It is great for the hot summer weather. I think of it as super-tasty Jell-O with a treat inside.

Umeshu-zeri is “plum wine jelly”, and is basically a jelly made with plum wine and a nice plum inside. This is more of an “adult” snack, since it is made with plum-wine.

Bourbon Truffle

photo 2

These are chocolate truffle balls coated in matcha, which are made by Bourbon—a major Japanese candy prducer. The packaging says it has melted matcha, and this stuff really does melt in your mouth!


Bakauke (ばかうけ) is a thin banana-shaped rice cracker that is filled with different flavors. The word bakauke means “extremely well received”. The characters on the packet are Borin and Barin, who are boyfriend and girlfriend. I like how many Japanese snacks have mascots with nice stories.

Borin barin

Chiroru Choco Mochi

Chiroru choco mochi is a popular Japanese chocolate filled with mochi, which you can find at any convenience store or supermarket. It also comes in many flavors, but today mine is matcha-flavored (green tea powder). I told you matcha was popular, haha.


If you aren’t a fan of matcha, then please beware. This is like a matcha punch-to-the-face! But I liked it.


Ishi-yakiimo means “stone-roasted sweet-potato”, and these snacks taste so good. The tiny instructions say they are best to eat during tea time, which means I’ll be brewing up some tea during the next few days.

Jagabee Butter and Soy Sauce Potato Sticks

photo 5

Jagabee is a potato stick, which comes in several flavors. Today we have butter and soy sauce flavored potato sticks, and even though the combination sounds strange, it works! Plus, they have a real nice crunch to them.

Sittori Kinako

shittori kinako snack detail

These snacks are crispy corn-puffs that have been dipped in white chocolate, and wow are they sweet! They can give you a cavity just by looking at them, haha. But seriously, they are very tasty too.

And there you have it. My friend really gave me an amazing present, and it looks like I will be eating some great snacks for the next few days. I think we are going to make this a monthly event here at JapanSauce.Net. I hope you enjoyed this post, because I know my stomach and mouth are very happy!



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