Den Den Town: Nipponbashi Street Festa

Den Den Girls

Den Den Town (Nipponbashi) is the go-to place in the Osaka downtown district during March, for its very popular annual Nipponbashi Street Festa–an otaku-matsuri extravaganza.

Den Den Town is known for its electronic shops that are lined with a mix of old school, new school, hip trending fashion, anime, manga, movies and games–reminiscent of what you might see in Akihabara in Tokyo, Japan. The matsuri brings in otakus from all over Japan to bask in its energetic atmosphere filled with live musical performances, parades, art displays, cosplaying, and all things kawaii (cute). Check out this year’s awesome photos!

You should make future plans now to experience this fun event!

-–JapanSauce Team

photo 1

I’ll take a table for three please!!!

Green hair



You can never go wrong with some great group cosplay!

Front detailsDetails

It’s all about the details!


Masterful cosplay.


Elegantly chic fashion.


Everyone likes a cool cat.


Yeah, we had to include a strange pic too, haha!

photo 2

I think this guy got out of his Minecraft Game.


“Take me to your leader.”


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