こにちはみなさん!(Konnichiwa Minasan!)

Thank you for visiting our site! JapanSauce.Net is dedicated to writing about, discussing, and showing you all aspects of Japan–with our own little twist, of course.

So what’s up with the “Sauce”?

If you’ve ever eaten good food…I mean really good food…then you know that the stuff that makes it good is that wonderfully awesome “sauce”. Whether it’s barbecue, chipotle, sriracha, or just good old hot sauce, you always want a little more on top. Well, that’s what we are doing here.

But how?

We are giving you more of that wonderfully awesome “JapanSauce”! We will be providing you information, pictures, and videos about Japan that highlight all the things that make you want to live, learn, and love all things Japan.

So thank you again for visiting our site and please enjoy our tour of all things Japan!

–The JapanSauce Team

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