Japan Gets Pizza Tire Hats!

Hey everyone,

Today we have a fun post about a collaboration between Yellow Hat, Ltd. and Pizza Hut Japan. For those that aren’t familiar with Yellow Hat, they are a company in Japan that provides car services, including tires. And of course, Pizza Hut makes pizza!

It turns out that both companies have been plotting a collaboration for a while now, and on August 10th they’re bringing us “Hat Memorial Day”! What does this mean? That they are choosing eight lucky winners to receive a “Pizza Hat”! Here is a short video of the hat:

But what is even more fun is that this wasn’t even their first “idea”. They made a list of all of the other collaborations they talked about, before deciding on the Pizza Hat.

A Tire Pizza:

But I guess they were receiving complaints that the pizza was too chewy, haha.

A Tire Pizza Wheel Cap:

But the cheese just kept falling.

A Tire Pizza DJ Cap:

But the DJ’s fingers just got too saucy.

A Tire Pizza Round Table:

But everyone just kept eating the table!

Of course, this is all in fun, but the Pizza Tire Hat is real! And yes, eight lucky lottery winners will have their very own fashion statement. Next stop Harajuku!


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