Ride A Hello Kitty Rickshaw In Japan!

Sanrio store

Sanrio is opening a new store in Asakusa on April 27, 2019, and in honor of the new store, you can ride inside of a Hello Kitty Rickshaw! The new store will be located at Asakusa Orange Street.

Kitty rickshaw

As you can see, it is as-if you are being eaten by Hello Kitty, but in a very cute way. The Hello Kitty rickshaw will take you on a tour of the Asakusa-area, with views of Tokyo Sky Tree. Unfortunately, this rickshaw ride will only last from May 2 to May 4, and will cost you an eye-popping 10,000 yen ($89.35 US Dollars)!

Sill, if you want to join the festivities, the Grand Opening of the store will be on April 27th, and Hello Kitty will appear in a kimono on the rickshaw. They will also have a photoshoot at the Asakusa Hanayashiki Garden space, so check it out.


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