Checkout This Cool, Cute Latte Art!

Kirby latte

Coffee is popular in most parts of the world, but few places have as much anime latte art as Japan. And one of the masters of this cute craft is Japanese Twitter user @george_10g . His real name is Kazuki Yamamoto, and he is originally from Okayama Prefecture.

Above, you can see Yamamoto-san’s cool Kirby made from latte foam, and you cam checkout more of his other amazing creations below. Of course, if you want your own personal latte art from this master, then head to “REISSUE” in Harajuku, located at 3-25-7 2F Tanji building, Jinguumae Shibuya-ku Tokyo, 150-0001.

And be sure to follow him on Twitter and let him know how much you love his work!



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