Hatsune Miku Wants To Help You Stay In Shape!

Hatsune weight.jpg

Japanese scale company, Tanita, has just announced a collaboration with the uber-popular Hatsune Miku.

Tanita is a household name in Japan, as they are well known for their scales that accurately provide information about your weight and body metrics. And now, Hatsune Miku has decided to help everyone stay healthy too!


hatsune weight 2

Beginning now through March 9, 2019, you can order one of two different scale designs that will feature Hatsune Miku. But this doesn’t just look good, it sounds good too!. The scales will have an audible feature that allows the voice of Hatsune Miku to tell you your weight, as well as make a few comments based on the results, such as “Do you eat properly?” I mean, if I have to hear how fat I’m getting, I guess hearing it from my best friend Hatsune Miku will help lessen my pain.

This scale will sell for 18,000 yen ($164 US Dollars). You can pre-order here: Hatsune Miku Scale with Voice

The other scale design doesn’t have an audible feature, but I think the design is a lot more colorful.

hatsune weight 3


This scale is a bit cheaper at a price of 6,000 yen ($55 US Dollars). You can pre-order here: Hatsune Miku Scale


And don’t worry, after Hatsune-chan tells you how big your getting, she can help you exercise by using this Hatsune Miku Pedometer. Let’s go Hatsune-chan, it’s time to lose these love handles! The pedometer will cost you 3,000 yen ($27.35 US Dollars) and you can pre-order here: Hatsune Miku Pedometer

Time to go exercise!




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