Gunpla Model Comes To Life With Stop-Motion Film!


Gundam continues to be very popular in Japan, and the models of Gundam–including the hobby of building and painting them–is known as Gunpla. But one Japanese Twitter user and YouTuber named @origami_GeeTee has taken his Gunpla to the next level with his stop motion videos that show the Gunpla assembling themselves!

Take a look at his most recent film of the MSN-04 Sazabi:

The Twitter-verse is really excited about these films, and the MSN-04 Sazabi film has already hit over 63K likes and over 31K retweets. And this is definitely well-deserved as Origami GeeTee has said it took him 1,145 still shots to make this film, and a total of 30 hours for assembly and shooting and 20 hours for video editing!

But that is not the only stop motion of a Gunpla that GeeTee has made, as you can also see the RX-93 Gundam come alive in this film:

This video has over 236K views on YouTube, and with all of the Gundam love around the world, I’m sure this number will keep increasing.

Which Gundam is your favorite?


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