Pokemon Dress Shirts Arrive For All Your Daily Work Needs!

pokemon shirt.png

Japanese clothing company, Original Stitch, has partnered with Nintendo to bring you very, cool hip “Pokemon Shirts”!


Now you can wear your favorite Pokemon to work with these stylish Pokemon Dress Shirts, that contain patterns using your favorite Pokemon. The company states that they can create any shirt using your favorite combination of the original 151 Pokemon. So let your ideas run wild!

The concept behind these Pokemon Shirts is to try and bring back that warm, fuzzy feeling people had when they were a kid. Its supposed to be like bringing back that fun nostalgia that you had when playing Pokemon on your original Nintendo Game Boy. They even made a commercial about it:

The only funny thing is that it looks like remembering all of the Pokemon fun made the guy in the commercial miss the bus. But that doesn’t bother him, because he just runs to work. But hey, the shirts are cool!


pokemon shirt 2

Original Stitch will be allowing pre-sale orders of shirts using the above 20 Pokemon, and will allow the use of all 151 Pokemon when full sales begin. Pre-orders will begin at 11am on January 26, 2019, and you can order them here: Pokemon Shirts

Who are you getting on your shirt? Pikachu anyone?


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