Gundam MS Bible Arrives In Japan!

Gundam bible.jpg

DeAgostini Japan has just introduced the first issue of its new magazine series, “Gundam MS Bible”. I know what you are thinking, is Gundam becoming a religion? Well, to some super fans it already is, but no this is not the type of Bible you find in church.

Beginning January 29, 2019,  “Gundam MS Bible” will be introducing a weekly magazine in which they highlight one of 100 mobile suits from the Gundam universe. And the very first issue will feature the RX-93.

Here is the announcement they made in Japan last year:

The magazine promises to explain each mobile suit from various different viewpoints, such as a “Battlefield Report”, “MS Aircraft Commentary”, “MS Armed Commentary”, and “MS Pilot.” So you can truly learn everything about each mobile suit.

And they have already announced more magazines, with the second issues focused on the MS-06 Zaku II, and the third issue focused on the RX-0 Unicorn.

unicorn gundam

Yeah, Gundams rock!


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