Japanese Gamer Hopes Japanese Players Would Have American Gamer’s Positive Attitude!


As a gamer myself, sometimes things get very tense during a match or when you are doing everything you can to win. The result is that some games can become very toxic. One of these games is CSGO, which is notorious for being a very intense game.

However, as Japanese Twitter user @don3play recently noted, some American gamers can be very openly supportive of their team—a cultural difference that he believes is lacking in the Japanese gaming community. Checkout this interaction he experienced:

Yes, you heard that right. The American gamer was super supportive of his team, even though they were having a rough time. He even dropped the “love” bomb saying: “I just want you to know that I LOVE each and everyone of you and we are going to do great.” And the response was a “hell yeah” and “I love you too”!

@don3play was sort of stunned by the positive attitude, and noted that he hoped the Japanese culture would embrace this type of attitude. Does it matter? Well, @don3play followed-up by tweeting that they actually won the game, so it looks like it might have brought the team closer together for the win!

Moral of the story: be positive, love your team, and get that win!


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