Insect Food Vending Machines Very Popular In Kumamoto City, Japan!

Insect food.jpg

If you are tired of the usual chips and candy bars from your local vending machine, then you should try your luck with some cricket protein bars. Or do you prefer beetles? Either way, if your looking for food made of insects, then head to Kumamoto City, Japan where they have installed vending machines that contain food made from insects!

Toshiyuki Tomoda got the idea while talking with friends, and actually began selling the insect food back in November of last year. The vending machine contains about 10 different types of items, with the cheapest item being a 700 yen ($6.50 US Dollars) cricket protein bar. Salted crickets go for 1,300 yen ($12 US Dollars), and are a popular choice.

The vending machine sold 500,00 yen ($4,600 US Dollars) worth of goods in the first month, and it looks like sales keep going up. What insect would you like to eat?


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