Dragon Ball Strongest Enemy Rankings!

Dragon ball.png

Japanese ranking site “Ranking” recently conducted a survey of the strongest enemies Goku has had to face. And after asking 3,670 people, the results are here!

No. 5: Great Demon King Piccolo


Don’t confuse the Demon King with the later Piccolo Jr., as the Demon King was a truly despicable person.

No. 4: Beerus the God of Destruction


No. 3. Majin Boo


No. 2: Vegeta


No. 1: Frieza


I guess this isn’t really a surprise, as the battle with Frieza was EPIC! Also, this fight with Goku was the catalyst that led to Goku’s transformation into the first Super Saiyan in ages. You know that you went nuts when this happened, I know i did!

Who would you rank on this list of ultimate Dragon Ball enemies? Anyone thinking Cell needs to be on here too?


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