Chinese Woman Buys A Japanese Lucky Bag And Finds Items “Made In China” Inside! And Gets Mad!


Lucky Bags are a New Year’s craze in Japan, as every store from Starbuck’s, McDonald’s. Mister Donut, and more have their own lucky bags filled with cool, limited items. And like any product, some of these bags are rarer and more expensive than others.

It is also well-known that one of the countries with the largest number of tourists to Japan is China, as the countries are relatively close and Chinese people really value the quality of Japanese products. But something went wrong for one Chinese woman this year.


As Chinese news outlets are reporting, a middle-aged Chinese woman who visited Japan with a tour group proceeded to buy a 120,000 yen ($1,105 US Dollars) lucky bag, due to the rarity of the bag. I’ll be honest, there are some very expensive lucky bags, but the idea that someone would spend this amount of money while on a “group tour” seems a bit odd. But I digress.

When the woman arrived back to China, she gave the lucky bag to her grandchild as a gift. However, when the grandchild opened the bag, they were disappointed find that the items inside were “Made in China”! The grandchild quickly asked why his grandmother why she would go to Japan and spend so much money on Chinese items? The woman was furious that this happened. Ironically, the Chinese woman was upset because she stated that the “Made in China” items were “cheap”.

Still, the Chinese news was quick to point out that it would be natural to find Chinese goods in Japan, as the countries regularly trade goods with each other. Also, they noted that it was probably not the store’s intention to deceive anyone, as most Japanese people would not worry about the fact that items in Lucky Bags are “Made in China”.

My take is that if you are going to spend over $1,000 on a gift for a grandchild, then you probably shouldn’t let “luck” dictate what is inside the bag. Lesson learned by one middle-aged Chinese woman.


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