Hello Kitty 45th Anniversary Event In 2019!

Kitty 45 anniversary

Any Hello Kitty fans out there? Of course there are! Get ready because 2019 will be the 45th Anniversary of Hello Kitty, which means plenty of Kitty celebrations.

Sanrio Puroland in Tokyo, Japan will be having a year-long event, beginning on January 12, 2019. And Hello Kitty will be looking amazing in her new 45th Anniversary dress, in bright pink and lavender flowers.

Kitty 45 house

Hello Kitty’s House will also be transformed for this celebration, and will include gift boxes and a photo booth area. And the transformation will continue with the special 45th Anniversary menu:

Kitty 45 anniversary food

Kitty 45 anniversary food 2

But the menu isn’t cheap, as both of the above sets will set you back about $14 (1600 yen). But if you really love Hello Kitty, I guess you will buy it, right?

If you do have a chance to visit during the celebration, make sure to take some pics and send them our way!

See you next time!


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