Coca-Cola Announces New Year 2019 Kimono Bottle Design!

Kimono coca cola 2

Coca-Cola Japan is at it again with a new design for its New Year 2019 slim bottle—a very colorful Kimono Design! Beginning on December 3, 2018, you can find these cool bottles with plum blossoms and spring blossoms in red, white, and gold. But the back of the bottle is just as interesting, as it contains designs of a wild boar–the zodiac symbol for 2019.

I’m sure plenty of people will be picking-up these bottles for their New Year’s parties, or as gifts for all of their party guests. But make sure to buy a few cases, as the bottle is the slightly smaller “slim bottle”, which holds 250 ml.

If you find some of these cool bottles, then feel free to send some my way!

See you next time!


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