Kunoichi 11! Japanese Female Ninja Warrior 2018! クノイチ Red Stage!

Kunoichi banner

Hello everyone!

This past weekend, Japanese TV Station TBS aired KUNOICHI 11! Kunoichi is a women’s obstacle course competition in Japan, and is basically a spin-off of SASUKE–the famous Japanese Ninja Warrior obstacle course for men.

The word “kunoichi” literally means “female ninja”, so I like to think that all of the ladies competing are ninja warriors–they are all pretty tough, fast, and strong. Oh yeah, did I mention that they are all very beautiful too? Because they are! Check out the competitors here:

Kunoichi 2

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if I was captured by these kunoichi, haha.

But seriously, I think this show is great because women of all ages and from different backgrounds can compete to become the top Kunoichi. You have everything from bank tellers, students, baseball players, cross-fit trainers, models, and more! And you would be surprised at which of these actually complete the various stages. (See the videos below!)

As I mentioned before, KUNOICHI is an obstacle course and it consists of different colored stages. Round 1 is the Red Stage, in which the Kunoichi have to get past all obstacles and hit a buzzer in 110 seconds. Only those that finish this stage can reach the Blue Stage, in which they have to get through all obstacles within 80 seconds. If you get past these two stages, then you can try the Black Stage. Here you don’t have a timer, but you have to get through some very tough obstacles–very few kunoichi ever get past this stage. But if you are skilled enough to get past the Black Stage, then the FINAL STAGE awaits you. Here, you have a 10 meter “spider climb”, followed by a 5 meter rope climb–and you have to do this in 35 SECONDS! Yeah, only 2 Kunoichi have ever finished the Final Stage.

I’m sure that now that you know about the competition, you probably want to see it, right? Well, today is your lucky day because I am bringing you all of the Red Stage runs for KUNOICHI 11! Don’t worry, I’ll be bringing you the Blue Stage, Black Stage, and Final Stage runs later this week, but for now sit back and enjoy all of these beautiful and strong Kunoichi!


Yuka Ogura: Japanese Gravure Model

Angela Mei: Japanese Model

Karen: CyberJapan Dancer

Aya: Cross-Fit Trainer

Asashina Aya: Japanese Model

Sakai Ayaka: Japanese Pole Dancer

Asakura Kanna: Mixed Martial Arts Queen

Ikeda Miki: Japanese Model

Kataoka Ayumi: Ibaraki Golden Golds Baseball Player

Kato Yu: Saitama Astraia Baseball Player

Matsuda Karen: Japanese High School Student

Matsumoto Yayoi: Japan Swimming National Team Member

Matsuzaki Moeka: Takeda Toshihiro’s Niece

Miseki Kurumi: Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force Rescuer

Miyagawa Maya: Japanese Best Body Finalist

Miyahra Kanon: Japanese Actress

Okabe Sakiko: Japanese Gymnastics Instructor

Oshima Ayano: Japanese Shinkin Bank Teller

Rena: Japanese Idol and Member of Idol Group “Vanilla Beans”

Rokkaku Ayako: Japanese Baseball Player

Saiki Reika: Japanese Muscle Idol

Sudo Miyo: Japanese Champion Slackliner

Taoka Natsumi: Japanese Pro Surfer

Tsuboi Honami: Japanese Bronze Medal Gymnast

Yu Takahashi: Japanese model

Yuko Mizuno: Japanese Muscle Idol

See you soon!


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