Mega Animate Book Fair 2018!

Animate main

It’s time for some anime and prizes! Animate Ltd., the largest retailer of anime, games, and manga in Japan is holding its annual mega book fair, where you can fulfill all of your otaku needs!

From June 1, 2018 to July 1, 2018, the Animate Book Fair 2018 will run across all of Japan’s Animate store, including the online store. When you purchase certain items from Animate, you will earn “points”, and these points will earn you some pretty great prizes. Here are just some of the cool items that all you otaku are sure to go wild for:

At the 30 point level and 20 point level:

Animate 1

At the 15 point level:

Animate 2

At the 10 point level:

Animate 4

Animate 5

Of course, there are many more prizes, and you can checkout all of them here: Animate Book Fair 2018

So make sure you save-up your points to win the prize you really want!

See you soon!


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