Japanese “OJO” Allows You To Play Nintendo Switch On 120 Inch Big Screen!


Nintendo Switch’s popularity has been rising in recent weeks with the release of new titles, and many more on the way. And with so much popularity, people are developing some cool technology to pair with the Switch. One of the newest pieces of technology is the “OJO”–pronounced “Oh-Joe”.

OJO is a portable projector that allows you to drop-in your Nintendo Switch and project your gameplay onto a 120-inch projection! That is a really big screen. Perfect for those Mario Kart parties with your friends.

 But that’s not all, as the OJO also allows you to connect your smartphone, computer, or other game consoles via an HDMI terminal. And since it is portable, it comes with a 5-watt stereo speaker, and can keep the action going for four-consecutive hours on one charge. Here is a video of the OJO and all of the things it can do:

The OJO was funded by cloud-funding on Indiegogo, and you can still purchase an OJO package for a minimum of 43,800 yen ($411.28 U.S. Dollars). You can learn more here: OJO Site

So get out there and play some games, and we will see you soon!


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