Japan Women’s Curling Team Get National Attention for “Mogu Mogu” Time!

Mogu Mogu time

If you have been watching the 2018 Winter Olympics, then I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of great action from many different countries. But, it looks like one of the highlights for people was the Japanese Women’s Curling team’s “Mogu Mogu” or “Snack” time!

Whenever the team had a break from battling their way to the Bronze medal this year, they would all get in a circle and chow-down on snacks from both Korea and Japan. Foreigners watching them during this time were impressed by how relaxed they look, with some even commenting that they looked like they were on a picnic!

And as soon as people saw the team eating a chessecake from Kitami, Hokkaido, the sales of the cake went through the roof! So it looks like that cheesecake shop is taking home a shiny medals of their own, in the form of Japanese yen.

It is always nice to see people interested in Japan, supporting their teams, and supporting their cute eating habits.


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