Japanese Lemon Drink Wants You To Pass Your School Exams!

Japanese food and beverage companies always have some weird and fun advertising ideas, so a Japanese lemon-flavored drink that wants you to succeed seems like an obvious thing to have in Japan, right?


Well, grab a bottle of Suntory Food International’s C.C. Lemon and power-up for school!

Beginning at the end of December 2017, C.C. Lemon began their “Ganbare-mon!” campaign. “Ganbare” basically means “You can do it!” So “Ganbare-mon” is a play on “Ganbare” and “lemon”, or “you can do it with lemon!”

Ganbaremon 1.png

All of this is meant to encourage Japanese students to work hard to pass their exams, and to do it with the power of “Ganbare-mon” and Vitamin C. I’m imagining that one drink of this and you’ll be able to split atoms…or fly.

You can get these power drinks at your local “konbini” for 140 yen. And “Ganbare”!!!



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