Japanese Happy Bread!

People in Japan are going nuts over a new style of bread shaped like the letter “A”! Actually, they say its shaped like a “trapezoid,” and called “Tobibakopan” or vaulting box bread. It sells for 310 yen or $2.73 US Dollars.


There is also another bread called “Shiawase no Kiroii Shokupan” or Happy Yellow Loaf. One loaf will cost you 3,000 yen or $26.38 US Dollars! There is actually a two-week waiting list for the Happy Yellow Loaf, so plan ahead if you want a slice. This bread better come filled with peanut butter and jelly for that price.

Happy bread

This cool new Tobibakopan was invented by a baker in Sakai, Osaka named Mitsuru Kadota of the Pain de Singe bakery. And the Happy Yellow Loaf is made at the Sosaku Kobo Printemps bakery by Taichi Yamashige.

I’m sure both breads taste amazing. If you see me in Sakai, make sure to save me a slice of bread!


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