Japanese Sushi Rankings!


A recent poll from Japanese polling website Minna no Koe asked Japanese people to rank their favorite sushi, and as a fan of good sushi, I had to find out which one came out on top. So checkout the top eight sushi, as ranked by Japanese people:

No. 8: UNAGI (223 votes)


This is freshwater eel, and it is one of my personal favorites. Unagi is grilled and covered with some amazing sauce–made of soy sauce, sugar, and sometimes sake. I definitely recommend.

No. 7: SHIME SABA (330 votes)


Saba means mackrel, but shime saba is mackrel that also has a salty vinegar marinade.

No. 6: AJI (436 votes)


Aji is more mackrel, but this time it is “horse mackrel.”

No. 5: IKA (470 votes)


This is squid, but its not fried like calamari. Take one bite and you will not care that it is not fried.

No. 4: MUSHI EBI (477 votes)


This is steamed shrimp, and it is very popular in Japan. I’m not a big fan, as sometimes this can feel a bit rubbery. But hey, to each their own, right?

No. 3: UNI (788 votes)


This is silky smooth sea urchin. Place this sushi in your mouth and it will transport your mouth to another world. Yes, its that good. And it is usually one of the most expensive pieces of sushi–the good things in life are not always cheap.

No. 2: SALMON (1,476 votes)


No translation needed for this one. Almost every sushi set comes with a piece of salmon, so I’m sure many of you are familiar with this one.


No. 1: CHUTORO (1,876 votes)


For those not initiated into the world of sushi, this is the belly of a tuna, which is delicate and fatty. It simply melts in your mouth, and it reminds me of why sushi is so popular around the world. Food this good has to be shared.

How many of these sushi have you eaten? How would you rank these sushi? Do you have any other sushi you would add to this list? Let me know your answers in the comments!

Now I need to go buy some sushi. See you next time!



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