Mobile Phone Transformers in Japan!

On February 1, 2017, Japanese mobile phone company “Au” and Transformers started the “au x Transformers” project. The project hopes to bring mobile phones which transform into Transformers! There will be three types of phones: “Infobar Optimus Prime” “Infobar Megatron” “Infobar Bumblebee” The phones will have Bluetooth and will come with a mini-phone while in Transformers mode. The project is currently looking for supporters on … Continue reading Mobile Phone Transformers in Japan!

Heart-Shaped Strawberries in Japan!

Courage-Create Co. in Japan is selling Heart-Shaped Strawberries, which are perfect for Valentine’s Day! The strawberries are known as “Ichigokoro”–which combines the words “ichigo” (strawberry) and “kokoro” (heart). The box of strawberries sells for 1,270 yen ($11 US Dollars), but can only be bought in limited quantities of 100 units per day. It took four years to develop the product, and they actually first went … Continue reading Heart-Shaped Strawberries in Japan!