Piko Taro is Back!


Unless you have been living under a rock, then you probably already know who Piko Taro is. He is the crazy guy in the leopard/snake pattern clothes who likes Pens, Apples, and Pineapples.

Well, he is back! And this time, he wants everyone to know how much he likes Orange Juice! Check-out his video below:

It’s just as fun and catchy as his last video, and brings some new dance moves too! I love orange juice, so this might become my new ringtone…but probably not, haha.

It was just released yesterday and it already has over 1.3 Million views on YouTube! So don’t be surprised if you hear it from all of your friends soon.

It looks like Piko Taro is starting off 2017 on a great foot, and 216 wasn’t bad for him either. Not only did his Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen video get over 100 Million views on YouTube, but he also got his own PPAP Café at the foot of the Tokyo Skytree in Tokyo, Japan.


What can you get at this café? Well, all of these great items: parfaits, pancakes, sodas, burgers, and of course pineapple juice!


And if you haven’t seen Piko taro’s PPAP video, then please check it out below:

Thanks for supporting JapanSauce.Net, and we will see you soon!



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