Japan’s Cute Post Boxes

We recently wrote an article about all of the cute barricades in Japan (https://japansauce.net/2016/05/24/japans-cute-barricades/), but of course Japan has many more cute things, like Post Boxes!


That’s right, while most countries believe that post boxes should consist of a small hole in a dull metal box, Japan thinks that some of them should also make you smile and want to take pictures.


One of the motivations for the cool post boxes is to bring some joy into the daily routine of sending mail, which is becoming a rare thing in most countries. But why would you want to get rid of mail when you have a cute panda waiting for you?


And you remember how hard Hello Kitty has been working protecting construction sites right? Well, it looks like she is also happy to hold your mail, and deliver it too!


Some of my favorite post boxes are these:

A sakura-themed post box, which really captures the feeling of Hanami (sakura-viewing parties).


The largest post box in the world!


And this very “cool” snowman post box in Hokkaido, of course.


With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics coming soon, I think these post boxes will grab tourists attention, which I hope will get them excited about learning about all the cool things Japan has to offer. In any case, you can enjoy some of the other cute and cool post boxes that are spread around Japan.





Thanks for visiting JapanSaue.Net, and I hope you come back soon!



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