Coming Of Age Ceremony Held For “Rabby” The Whale In Japan!

Coming of age seaworld 2

The second Monday in January is celebrated as “Coming of Age” Day in Japan, congratulating all those that reached the age of 20 years old. This is the age of majority in Japan, so it is a day to celebrate new “adults” into society. This year, Sea World in Kamogawa, Japan had a Coming of Age ceremony on January 7, 2018, where many young adults attended. But, of course, they had one very special guest:

Coming of age seaworld 3

Rabby” the Killer Whale! Yup, Rabby turned 20 years old too, so now he is an “adult” ready for Japanese society. I wonder if he is planning on going to college or becoming a J-Pop idol? Wherever he goes, he can take the cool certificate he received from the Mayor of Kamogawa City, Kameda Ikuo.

Everyone in attendance had a great time watching some of the sea lion performances, and many were able to get a picture with Kamogawa Sea World’s “laughing sea lion”.

Coming of age seaworld

It looks like everyone was smiling!

There are many more Coming of Age ceremonies happening all over Japan right now, so congratulations to all the new adults! And let’s make sure to work hard to make society equal and fair for everyone!


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