Kit Kat Sushi in Japan!

Japan is known for having many different flavors of Kit Kat, and on February 2, 2017 you can get their newest flavor: Kit Kat Sushi!


Well, it doesn’t exactly taste like sushi, but they did a great job of making it look like the popular Japanese food. These very-limited pieces of chocolate are being given-away to the first 500 people who shop over 3,000 yen ($26 US Dollars) at the opening of a new street-facing Kit Kat Chocolate store in Ginza.

The “sushi Kit Kat” will come in the following “flavors”:

  • Tuna–which is raspberry flavor, rice puffs, and whit chocolate.


  • Sea urhcin–which is Hokkaido melon mascarpone cheese and seaweed flavor.


  • Egg–which is pumpkin pudding flavor with seaweed.


These delicious treats were originally created for April Fool’s Day last year, but now they are back to satisfy your sweet tooth.


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