Taxi’s Getting Cheaper in Japan!


Traveling to Tokyo, Japan just got a little cheaper. As reported in the Yomiuri Shimbun, starting taxi fares in some areas of Tokyo, Japan will be lowered in late-January 2017.

The current “starting fare” ranges from 700 yen to 730 yen for the first two kilometers. Later this month, that price will go down. New starting fares will be 380 yen to 410 yen for the first 1.052 kilometers. So now you don’t have to worry so much about the cost of short trips around Tokyo.

But that’s not all! Because Tokyo officials expect an increase in tall foreign tourists, taxi companies are bringing-in new larger taxi models. So you should have a little more elbow room the next time you visit.

Hey, every penny counts when you are trying to bring home a suitcase of samurai swords and Pocky, right?


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