Hakuho Downs Kakuryu

Hakuho wins

Yokozuna Hakuho (12-1) continued in usual form by winning against Yokozuna Kakuryu (8-5).

Hakuho is a forceful fighter, and imposes his strength against all of his opponents, including fellow Yokozuna. This time, Hakuho blasted Kakuryu in the face, and basically walked him out of the ring. Kakuryu could do little to halt the attacks.

Hakuho form

Hakuho’s form at the end, reminded me of a Dragon Ball Z-style blast.

Still, Ozeki Kisenosato and Ozeki Goeido are keeping the pressure on Hakuho, as both have 11-2 records. One slip from Hakuho could open the door for one of these Ozeki.

Goeido had no problem defeating Ozeki Terunofuji (8-5), and Kisenosato had no problem dispatching of No. 3 maegashira Aoiyama. It seems that both of these Ozeki are looking to ruin Hakuho’s day.

And yet again, Ozeki Kotoshogiku (8-5) continued his backward slide, losing to Yokozuna Harumafuji (9-4). Harumafuji basically tossed poor Kotoshogiku aside.

The pain will certainly not end for Kotoshogiku, as he faces Hakuho next. But if Kotoshogiku somehow manages to defeat Hakuho, then it will be a victory that would earn everyone’s praise. We will have to wait and see tomorrow!


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