Kisenosato Remains Unbeaten


Kisenosato (10-0) remained perfect in his ongoing bid for his first career championship. Kisenosato managed to manhandle Yokozuna Kakuryu (7-3) out of the ring, and is the only wrestler that remains unbeaten.

Kakuryu initially had Kisenosato pushed-back towards the straw bales, but Kisenosato dug deep and forced his way to a win. Tomorrow’s match against Yokozuna Hakuho will be even tougher.

Hakuho, now 9-1, defeated Ozeki Terunofuji (6-4) with his sheer power. Historically, Hakuho has dominated against Kisenosato, and I am sure Hakuho will be looking to add to his record career championships.

On the other end, Ozeki Kotoshogiku (7-3) lost another match, this time to Ozeki Goeido (9-1). His hopes of being promoted to Yokozuna are fading very fast.

Yokozuna Harumafuji (7-3) also went down against Sekiwake Toyonoshima who improved to 2-8.

Tomorrow’s match between Hakuho and Kisenosato will be the main event, so stay tuned tomorrow for more sumo.


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